Material: Mirrors / Spy Mirrors / Iron / Led light
Country: Spain / Barcelona
Released: 2019
Genre: Product / Ephimeral Space

Contest: LLum BCN 2019 / Mira festival 2019 / Lluernia 2019

When Poble Nou presented us the opportunity to create a new space in the Barcelona light festival we started researching about the place and we realize that nobody wanted to stay and spend time in that place. All the officers running to their jobs, all the people walking through the Diagonal, that was a hidden street, an alley.

That remember us the Alice in Wonderland tale. That small girl that wants to escape from the reality in that infinite burrow, following the white rabbit (the imagination). For that, we create this light effect where apparently you can see a cube but when you are in the right site you can see the infinite tunnel for lost yourself

This project is made with two spy mirrors (paralel) and two normal mirrors. The spy mirror works reflecting, having the mirror effect where the light is more intense and doing the glass effect, where you can see throw, where the light is lower.

During the day the light outside was higher than inside the box for that the tunnel disappears. But at night with the darkness our tunnel appears and shows the magic of our project.

Alice was into the Mira Festival 2019 (Barcelona) and into Lluernia 2019 (Olot). Now is fixed in the Olot main square.