Team: Nils Kamminga / Liam Kelly / Claudia Blanes / Ariadna Sala / Marta Esteban / Joan Carreras
Country: Spain / Mallorca
Released: 2017
Genre: scenography
Client: Opera de Sarria, amics del Liceu

In 2018 I worked in the Inganno Felice scenography for the Sarrià Opera.

I have participated in a workshop in which I have designed and created the stage design of the opera with teamwork from ELISAVA.

The resulting set design approaches us to a Second World War mine, and it is articulated among real materials such as rope and wood, providing more realism and inviting the audience to delve into the story.We developed all the project and we built all the scenographic material.

The stage had a fixed structure that creates different scenes and moments modifying just the lights. One of the most interesting things is that the actors played with the scenography all the moment and that increase the interest in the play. We found the way to reflecting the mine as levels working with the hatches and the high ceilings.

I’ve illustrated some images for being projected in the scenography during the intro.

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